HR Philosophy

Our HR Philosophy is designed to help and motivate employees in exceeding organizational goals and to foster a sense of oneness among them. We appreciate employees who bring in fresh ideas to help our business grow and various recognition schemes at PISPL. We ensure that Parekh has the best of talent at all times and enhance the skills of our team members for ensuring the achievement of the company’s goal.

The Objective is to be a preferred employer by being sensitive and caring to the needs of PISPL. We recognize the values of a diverse work force and provides equal opportunities to all individuals. The welfare of the staff is an essential principle for HR at Parekh. We aim to provide a safe and healthy workplace and competitive terms of employment.

Parekh is Unbiased towards race, colour, caste, religion, gender, national origin, or ancestry while considering individuals for employment or career advancement. These decisions are made on individual’s professional and personal credentials only. We aim at ensuring transparency, fairness, open culture, and mutual trust in all dealings with our team members and aspirants.

Every team member is encouraged to play a full-fledged role in their personal career development through progressive human resource and training arrangements. All interventions undertaken by Parekh to help our employees to blend fun at work with utmost dedication and focus and optimize performance at every level with overall organizational effectiveness.

Learning & Development

“On the journey to achievement, you must be learning all the time as Learning is the only constant...!”

Learning & Development at Parekh refers to acquiring and developing knowledge, skills, capabilities, behaviours, and attitudes through learning or developmental experiences.

Learning and Development programs at PISPL are designed to drive innovation and improvement, and also creates an organizational culture that encourages different members to measure, experiment, and push each other forward in the world of business dynamics. By promoting more transparency and more shared results, it is powerful way for PISPL to align around business goals, rather than individual departmental metrics.

We aim to make ‘Excellence - A way of life’, within our robust talent pool that aligns with PISPL’s values in the years to come!

Parekh believes in excellence and leadership profoundly and we contemplate to achieve these virtues by simply investing in the intellectual capabilities of all our team members to place them at the cutting edge of their expertise. There are various continuous as well as sporadic learning interventions throughout to educate and engage such as:

  • Process Trainings
  • Systems Trainings
  • Self-Development Sessions
  • Soft-skills Trainings
  • Project-based Trainings
  • Coaching & Mentoring
  • On-the-Job Trainings

“Learning is not just an acquisition of knowledge, but an application of it through continuous learning...!” With an endeavour to upskill, upgrade and upscale our existing talent and aspiring youth, we have our very own Parekh Learning Academy!

Parekh Learning Academy aims at identifying and nurturing talent from within and outside the organization. Having defined clear objectives and curated content, it brings in real day-to- day experiences and knowledge to contextualise learning designs so that their impact is measurable and relevant to the organisation.

Our Academy aspires to deliver a robust and industry ready curriculum that will attract more talent for our specialised paid certification courses to make aspirants, job ready. It would make the young talents, future ready by uplifting and enhancing their skills through our own internal team of experts and subject matter experts from Industry as we grow unanimously!

We at Parekh, ensure that our team members are exposed to executive and professional prowess to accomplish our vision. Thus, we also collaborate with professional experts and institutions to further elevate the intellectual strength of our team members.

Learning is essential for development and development is synonymous to progress. Our carefully designed management development programmes are meant to in improve our team members and retain their services. At Parekh, learning is a perpetual practice and a emphasis is given on the up-skilling, cross-skilling which eventually leads to intellectual upliftment thereby.

We have an adept learning & development team with professional expertise to enable our employees with effective learning & developmental interventions. The learning and development team ensures edifying, interactive, and fun-learning experience during the sessions.

Rejuvenation at Parekh

‘Parekh is an ideal place where different cultures blend beautifully.’

Parekh truly believes in the power of engaged employees and their strength and willingness to perform better. We provide a stress-free and employee-friendly work environment. We believe in “One Parekh – One Family” culture which ensures all the team members enjoy working and have dedicated and focused workforce who constantly perform to optimize the value of this Parekh family.

Work is fun at Parekh with employee-centric culture and work environment at its best. We have plenty of employee engaging and uplifting activities.

Engage to Rejuvenate:

Crafting and nurturing your career at Parekh is fruitful because our team is driven by compassion and a goal to achieve excellence. The company not only recognizes true talent but also provides the perfect ladder for a professionally satisfying growth. We believe every individual has a spark and we are the ones to ignite it by unleashing their hidden potential that benefits not only them, but also impacts the company in a positive way by means of innovation, creativity, and consistency.

Growth at PISPL

Parekh Integrated Services Pvt. Ltd. is a 3PL organization that Nurtures an Innovative culture, Promotes an Inclusive Workforce, Brings expectations to reality with its bold strategies.

We believe in imparting innumerable opportunities to our team members for their continuous development and rejuvenation.

We do so with the help of novel technologies and new-age learning strategies!

We welcome a dynamic and motivated workforce to progress in our diverse, dynamic and fast-paced work environment that's committed to it's highest standards of respect, integrity, dignity and passion.