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Third-Party Solutions

3PL Solutions

We drive more value for our customers by helping them plan their sales & operations

Inventory Management

We offer a wide array of highly configurable shipping options, including consolidations

Custom Clearance

The AR team manages payment collections and debtor management across the country

AR Management

We perform comprehensive assembly & kitting services like sorting, labelling & more

Value Added Services

Our software and technology enables our customers to manage their entire network in real time

Information Technology

We provide companies with comprehensive cold chain solutions for the packaging

Cold Chain Management

This business division provides primary and secondary transport along with last mile


The anchor of PISPL’s business has been our customized storage and distribution Models

Distribution Center

Our Aim

To provide pivotal supply chain management solutions and simplify the process of logistics while prioritising quality management in supply chain. We focus on logistics & supply chain management as a whole.

3PL Solutions

Cold chain management is a system used for managing cold chain and perishable goods like pharma products, vaccines, medicines, dairy products, frozen foods, flowers & many more. One common thing is delivering these items to the end customer in usable condition.

We provide companies with comprehensive cold chain management solutions. We ensure that temperature-sensitive products are kept within optimal temperature ranges and maintain the desired states from start to finish. Suppliers of food and pharmaceutical products heavily rely on us to ensure shipment doesn’t become compromised before they reach the market.

We offer cold chain storage equipment like refrigerated containers, cold rooms, chillers, cold boxes, blast freezers, and cold chain vaccine storage.

As a part of our supply chain, inventory management solutions from PISPL include aspects such as controlling and overseeing purchases — from suppliers as well as customers — maintaining the storage of stock, controlling the amount of product for sale, and order fulfillment.

As a supply chain management company, we can have a solid foundation to build upon with just the basic ingredients, barring the precise inventory management that will vary based on your products.

The value of inventory can not be overstated, and it benefits your operational longevity and efficacy. With our smart approach and clear visibility, we can help you -

  • Reduce expenses
  • Optimize fulfillment
  • Give better services to your customers
  • Prevent loss from theft, returns and other spoilage

Be it land, sea, or air, PISPL being an international freight forwarder addresses the customers’ needs on an international basis. There is a wide variety of completely configurable and personalizable shipping choices, including consolidations at major gateways.

What’s more, the rules, regulations, and laws are a bit different from country to country, sometimes from port to port within a country, making someone who specializes in customs clearance very important to a shipper exporting and importing goods. With PISPL, you can fit within these regulations and bypass all the customs. We offer services which include all the pre and post-shipment formalities, custom clearance of containerized, bulk, break-bulk, ex-works pick-up, door-to-door delivery, duty paid deliveries and project cargo to destinations across the world.


Air Freight – Air Express, Air Premier, Air Value services
Sea Freight – FCL Services, LCL Services, Project Cargo
Road Freight – Inter-city & Intra-city, Last mile distribution, Reverse Logistics
Custom Clearance – Consultations, Licensing, Quota Requirements
High Value and Hazardous Cargo Transportation
Consultation – Liaison, License Registration

Efficient transportation is important to the survival of a transportation and distribution service. Efficient transportation is analyzed for the best delivery route, as well as cost-effective packaging that ensures low investment and safety of goods. When planning the shipment process, the method of transportation is a significant consideration. With PISPL, you can rest assured as we determine the costs, how important is it to get the shipment to the end user in what period, the value of the goods as well as the size and weight of the goods This division includes load optimization, truck indenting, fleet optimization and MIS reporting on different transport aspects.

Transportation and distribution management with PISPL has advantages like -

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Schedules & quick delivery
  • Flexible services
  • Full visibility and tracking
  • Complete door-to-door services
  • Economical means of transportation

It doesn’t matter what your market sector is, efficient storage and distribution is key to commercial success in today’s highly competitive market. It is crucial to get the right product to the correct place, on time and on budget, with complete visibility.

We offer a combination of storage and inventory management services which are scaled and customized to the customer’s business requirements, including:

  • Stand Alone Facilities
  • Multi-Client Facilities
  • Custom Bonded Facilities
  • Factory Logistics

We adapt our facilities to suit the individual requirements of our customers.

At PISPL, we pride ourselves in the ability of effective management of accounts receivable while handling payments and collection from anywhere in India. With our team of Account Receivables with 150 members, our team touches the base with over 20,000 doctors on a monthly basis. Our philosophy is that in an ecosystem where a personal connection is required, we forge relationships with your end customers that allow us, and by extension, you, comfort and ease of doing business in an environment of trust and security.

This division is concerned with the flow of products and information between supply chain members’ organizations. Recent development in technologies enables us to avail information easily in their premises and we have our own ERP WMS integration.

Three factors have strongly impacted this change in the importance of information. First, satisfying and pleasing customers has become something of a corporate obsession. Serving the customer in the best, most efficient and effective manner has become critical. Second information is a crucial factor in the managers’ abilities to reduce inventory and human resource requirements to a competitive level and finally, information flows play a crucial role in strategic planning.

Value added services in logistics is something that usually makes a third party logistics provider provider stand out among the rest. For PISPL, our value added services include assembly and kitting service, sorting, stuffing, tagging, packaging, labelling, bundling, and son. With these last mile additions and localized logistics services, we reduce the delivery timelines for our clients while allowing the client to focus on their core competencies.

Our Journey

Value Added Services

  • Add On

    We perform comprehensive assembly and kitting services, including sorting, stuffing, tagging, labelling, packaging, bundling, strapping stretch wrapping services etc. Thanks to these localized services and last mile additions, it has provided our clients the added advantage of reducing their delivery timelines while also enabling them to concentrate on their core competence.


    We provide Quality Assurance and Quality Control services to our clients as per ISO certified standards. We are continuously working hand-in-hand with our clients’ QC counterparts to ensure that products leaving our warehouses are defect-free.


    We have partnered with local packaging vendors to provide cost effective solutions to our clients by sourcing material locally. We have provided complex cold chain packaging solutions to our clients in conformity with the varied health, electrical and mechanical disciplines and standards.


    With a dedicated automation team comprising of seasoned veterans experienced in supply chain system designs, we help our clients to achieve their automation and system integration goals. We are constantly looking for low cost automation solutions with a special emphasis on energy efficient green solutions.


    Companies operating in India today need to comply with what can be a daunting multitude of national and state legislation and regulations to ensure compliancy. We provide clients with guidance on statutory and regulatory obligations relevant to their industry and their operational base including Drug & Food Licenses, Excise and Sales Tax Registrations, IEC Codes, NOC from local Fire fighting authorities, incineration from local Pollution Board authorities etc.


    We provide order taking services via phone, email and online mediums to our clients. Our COP consists of qualified call centre professionals who have extensive and relevant expertise in inbound call handling, answering service calls & ensuring customer satisfaction. Our call centre infrastructure and company policies offer complete transparency in operations so you can focus on other core competencies such as advertising the product and building the brand/business.


    As per our client requirements, we have integrated online order placing with our ERP via web-services. In tune with the latest technologies, we have the capability to deal with businesses of any size and can create both online portals and call centre services to start taking orders right away.

  • AR Management

    We understand that receivables management is at the core of sales and revenue realization value chain. Our collections and banking services provide greater organizational efficiencies for our clients. Based on our experience, we have advised our clients’ industry specific receivables collections solutions to improve their customer to cash cycles.

What Makes Us Unique

  • Operational-Excellence




We Hold Family Values Very Dear and Treat all Employees with Care, Concern and a Personal Touch

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