Value Added Services
Specialized Services

We perform comprehensive assembly and kitting services, including sorting, stuffing, tagging, labelling, packaging, bundling, strapping stretch wrapping services etc. Thanks to these localized services and last mile additions, it has provided our clients the added advantage of reducing their delivery timelines while also enabling them to concentrate on their core competence.

QA / QC Control

We provide Quality Assurance and Quality Control services to our clients as per ISO certified standards. We are continuously working hand-in-hand with our clients’ QC counterparts to ensure that products leaving our warehouses are defect-free.

Packaging Solutions

We have partnered with local packaging vendors to provide cost effective solutions to our clients by sourcing material locally. We have provided complex cold chain packaging solutions to our clients in conformity with the varied health, electrical and mechanical disciplines and standards


With a dedicated automation team comprising of seasoned veterans experienced in supply chain system designs, we help our clients to achieve their automation and system integration goals. We are constantly looking for low cost automation solutions with a special emphasis on energy efficient green solutions.

Statutory & Regulatory Compliances

Companies operating in India today need to comply with what can be a daunting multitude of national and state legislation and regulations to ensure compliancy. We provides clients with guidance on statutory and regulatory obligations relevant to their industry and their operational base including Drug & Food Licenses, Excise and Sales Tax Registrations, IEC Codes, NOC from local Fire fighting authorities, incineration from local Pollution Board authorities etc.

Call Order Processing

We provide order taking services via phone, email and online mediums to our clients. Our COP consists of qualified call centre professionals who have extensive and relevant expertise in inbound call handling, answering service calls & ensuring customer satisfaction. Our call centre infrastructure and company policies offer complete transparency in operations so you can focus on other core competencies such as advertising the product and building the brand/business.


As per our client requirements, we have integrated online order taking service with our live order taking services via an online customer portal. In tune with the latest technologies, we have the capability to deal with businesses of any size and can create both online portals and call centre services to start taking orders right away.

Trade Finance

We understand that receivables management is at the core of sales and revenue realization value chain. Our collections and banking services provide greater organizational efficiencies for our clients. Based on our experience, we have advised our clients’ industry specific receivables collections solutions to improve their customer to cash cycles.


Our Insurance team specializes in assisting our clients with selection, enhancement, endorsement, claim & renewal of insurance policies related to stocks – both at the time of storage and in-transit. Having direct affiliation with insurance companies, we can pass on our experience and any potential savings directly to our clients, making buying your insurance a simple and easy process.

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