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Why having a Review Committee for the warehouse incidents is necessary?

The operations of some warehouses are wasteful, in terms of time and other resources. Surprisingly in some organizations, few individuals in leadership positions are well versed in organizing, coordinating and running operations. They rarely have a relevant, distinct and priority-based agenda. As such, it is important that every organization or business has a means of controlling this and ultimately ensure maximum efficiency of the warehouse operations.

Having a review committee is one of the most effective ways to keep dedicated or multi-client warehousing operations safe for everyone. In addition to double checking the performance of every aspect of a warehouse, he review committee can help in spreading out work, get more people involved in a particular task and delegate responsibility.

It has often been said that leaders must delegate responsibility and while ideally that is true, unless individuals are thoroughly trained, experienced, knowledgeable and motivated, delegation often translates out to the job or project either not being done or not being done properly.

The important thing is that the review committee is able to avoid micromanagement. However, that assumes that the systems and individuals in place are capable of doing what is needed. The reality is that when things are delegated and not properly supervised in more circumstances than not, it does not save the leader any time. This is because things that should have been done properly and thoroughly in the first place were not and that results in having to create a contingency plan. This is often complicated because of the time delay risk associated with procrastination.

In addition to ensuring the effectiveness of operations, the review committee can also help with establishing safety protocols in the warehouse, which is also an absolute necessity. This will empower your employees to communicate about and follow through on potential warehouse safety hazards or concerns.

This committee could also serve as the oversight authority for any future training or refresher courses. Scheduling periodic training sessions can help to educate and refresh your employees about how to ensure consistent workplace practices. It can help to incentivize to promote participation. The review committee can also improve on things by setting clear minimum standards. This reinforces the expectations and gives employees a sense of standards and prioritization. This could be something as simple as requiring anyone who enters the warehouse environment to use a protective eyewear and/or hats. It could be a form of daily minimum milestones to be achieved. While these tips may seem simple, shaping them to work for you and your company can be challenging. Adopting them could help you find efficiencies in your supply chain. It will also serve in an advisory role and bring warehouse best practices into your distribution facilities.