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Recent Supply Chain Trends You Can't Afford To Miss Out

The business world today is dynamic and competitive, people's demand is constantly changing to keep up with this dynamic world. This is why the demand of customers is seen as one of the most crucial aspect of all businesses. Hence, if you wish to thrive in this competitive world, you need to be able to meet up with the dynamic consumer demands.

Of recent, there are a few changes lurking around the corner on supply chain management. Technological advances are promising to cause some innovations which would better the quality of the benefits of supply chain management. The important supply chain management trends to watch out for are outlined below.

Warehouse Robotics in the Supply Chain

Although automation is already in place in many warehousing and distribution centers, its use is limited to workflow automation in warehouses. The situation is changing however as more Material handling equipment manufacturers look to bring robotics into warehousing. With this, it will be possible to introduce robotics automation into operations without any form of structural modifications in the warehouse.

The Appeal of Supply Chain Social Responsibility

CSR (corporate social responsibility) comes with a lot of benefits. It is mostly regarded as an approach to supply chain management with a view of increasing the revenue of a business, keep a loyal customer base and improve the overall reputation of the business. It was formed over the last two to three years from the merging of substantial business terminologies including Sustainability, carbon footprint reduction, and supply chain transparency.

More supply chain and logistics organizations are looking to integrate CSR into their strategies and if they are able to do that, we should be seeing a lot of positive changes to the industry.

Autonomous/Driverless Road Transportation

There has been a trending growth in the Autonomous truck development for some time now, but it still isn’t in play. However, progress is still being made on finding a better solution to supply chain management through autonomous transport. More than any other technology involved with supply chain management, Autonomous truck technology has the potential to drive greater economic efficiency.

The Race for the Last Mile

This is the most expensive aspect of supply chain management. It is simply the final delivery of goods from distribution center to retail store or consumer’s front door. With the advent of multichannel sales approach providing consumers with online integrated shopping experience, there has being an increasing demand to better the services rendered, which consequently means an increase in the operating cost for all supply chain industry. It is expected to see an improved innovative efficiency in the part of retailing and if it does happen, it promises to make retailing as easy as possible.

Other trends in supply chain management include the advent of Virtual logistics team, Bridging of the blurred line between logistics and technology services and a lot more innovative ideas. These are some recent trends in supply chain management and more will be incorporated within the system in the near future.