Cold Chain Management
We drive more value for our customers by making sure that their sales and operations planning are fully aligned by planning the replenishment of inventory for our clients with time-phased order logic so our customers can make better sourcing decisions in real time. Our Demand Forecasting team helps our customer balance inventory levels by carefully analysing crucial inputs and signals which has an overall impact in the global stock.

We work hand-in-hand with our customers to ensure goods are consistently available at the right time and place for higher sales across all regions within India with the ultimate goal of reducing inventory and decrease safety stock levels, thereby increase our customer’s working capital.

Our Expertise helps our clientsbe Compliant with regulations when it comes to waste management. We work closely with our customers for their waste disposal and returns management services by providing compliant returns and drug waste services.The disposal of products and their components are regulated by central, state and local regulations and laws. Through our experience, we now understand which regulations applies to which business depending on the type of products, volume of waste, specific type of wastes etc.
PISPL’s programs are designed to meet the regulatory requirements that apply to our customers and the waste they generate. We have developed special protocols that help our customers identify their controlled substance wastes, hazardous wastes, and other drug wastes to make sure that each is disposed of properly.
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