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How To Improve Customer Service By Managing Warehouse

Given today’s business environment, it is not an easy task to keep a lifetime customer, the very survival of business may depend upon how much of your customers you are able to keep with you. This is essential and it’s a way for you to make your business operate more efficiently.

Irrespective of whether your Company deals business-to-business or business-to-consumer, inadequate inventory management processes will affect your customer service and customer satisfaction levels. Customer service is about that ultimate contact between people. It’s about a potential or existing customer/ client walking away with the intent of buying your product again or the first time been the last time. You need to prevent the later and find ways to achieve the effective warehouse management system is one important way of doing this.

A successful warehouse management process anticipates, analyses, plan for and delivers inventory standards which will not result to customer service disaster. It not only focusses on the correct warehouse supply levels, but also factors in the expertise of the personnel who deal with the process, the relationships with the supplier and distributors as well as those who perform the maintenance functions and communication processes used to convey the current and prospective requirements between both the suppliers, the distributors and the end-users. Inadequacies in these processes compromises personnel efficiency and also result in poor customer service levels.

One way in which companies are automating the management of their warehouse is the WMS (Warehouse management system). It is a way of managing your warehouse to enhance the satisfaction level of your customers. Like many other software solutions, warehouse management systems have evolved through a number of phrases over time. What has become obvious is that there is an overlap between warehouse management systems and other functioning systems such as supply chain, distribution, transportation and scheduling. Through by adding a WMS to your organization, you are adding another level of technology and will inherit all the challenges associated with it., doing so comes with a lot of benefits which are importantly aimed at improving customer services.

Improving the speed of Order Fulfillment. A WMS improves inventory location visibility and accuracy. This saves wasted time trying to find the right item. A WMS also gives you the ability to define the most productive way to pick items. For example: by order, items, location or ship method.

It also allows more efficient use of warehouse space. A WMS improves warehouse space utilization by allowing rule based stock locating. You can store different items in different locations and spotting the items is made easy. This means more efficiency in receiving, packing and shipping which significantly improves productivity.

Another benefit is the reduction in paperwork and delays. With WMS, you reduce the need for the usage of paperwork for operations of the warehouse substantially. Reports, tickets and lists are maintained electronically eliminating paper copies. This will undoubtedly help improving the services offered to customers and make them happier.

A effective Warehouse Management System streamlines processes from initial order to shipment to customers. You can determine product availability and commit shipping and delivery dates more accurately. You’ll also reduce costs associated with returns because shipments will be more accurate. These advances, when implemented prevent ‘glitches’ and provides Customer Service delivery that results in Customer Satisfaction of not only an acceptable standard but a superior one.