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How to Expand Your Warehouse Network

Warehousing is an important function of a business that involves physical distribution. An efficient warehouse is critical for improved customer satisfaction. It helps to ensure quick and accurate delivery of products to customers.

Effective space management

Rather than expanding the size of your warehouse, you should consider better use of available space by arranging and organizing things properly. You can add tall storage units instead of short ones. This will help you keep more items in the same area rather than expanding the warehouse to accommodate the length of longer equipment. In addition, think about the type and variety of shelving used. Storing small items on pallet racks wastes space, and makes it easy to misplace items. Rather, consider the use of the same racks all through the warehouse.

Also, it might be necessary to use different types of shelves to store varying items. Also, ensure that the shelves are always neat and orderly arranged by using standard bins.

Lean Inventory

Lean inventory is just as essential as the process of manufacturing. It refers to the method of warehousing in which the inventory is kept as small as possible and made available to customers when needed by frequent restocking. If you are able to adopt this method, it means you will only be keeping what is needed in your inventory and nothing more. You can achieve this by reducing the quantity of items that your suppliers deliver and making the delivery more frequent.

Adopt new and easy-to-use technology

Adopting a WMS (warehouse management system) can improve the efficiency of your warehouse. It will help you determine the best method for putting away things and also the best routes for picking up the inventory. An improvement that the system offers is the provision of automatic pick lists which can be sent to mobile devices for readers to read and help eliminate errors to reduce the time wastage. With this method, the warehouse will be neater and safer. Another technology is the use of RFID (radio frequency identification) or barcode readers. This helps to improve the accuracy and safety of transactions, and also reduce the possibility of errors occurring during picking.

Proper warehouse organization

It has been proven that keeping the warehouse organized improves sale. When the items are organized properly, it means that employees do not have to go through stress while searching for items. Using lean inventory technology, you can ensure that your warehouse is kept as organized as possible. You will be able to avoid clustering, reduce errors, and improve safety and organization in the warehouse.

Optimization of labor efficiency

If your warehouse management system is not able to efficiently generate picking plans, then you may need to manually create them. Analyze the patterns of material usage, and store large items near the sales point of the warehouse to reduce the time used to transport the items in the warehouse. Also, you can store items that are usually bought as a couple close to one another. This will help eliminate the delays in picking up items.


Improving the efficiency of your warehouse is very important for improved sales and growth of the business. With the tips above, you can be confident that the efficiency of your warehouse will soar.