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At PISPL, we pride ourselves in the customized value added services we provide to you. One of the cornerstones of differentiation of our services is our ability to handle payments and collection from anywhere in India. The dedicated 150 member strong Accounts Receivables team today touches base monthly with over 20,000 doctors, stockists and institutions and handles payment collection and debtor management. Our philosophy is that in an ecosystem where a personal connect is required, we forge relationships with your end customers that allow us, and by extension, you, comfort and ease of doing business in an environment of trust and security.

For the customers who prefer the traditional payment channels, we offer facilities of Security or Post and Current Dated Cheque Collection, Deposition and Management and cash collection and deposition. For the tech-savvy, we are pioneers in this industry for implementing modern methods of payment, including Online Payment Gateways, payments via web portals, NEFT or RTGS, Card swiping machines with our AR Executives and even Payment Wallets.

Our regular MIS also allows you to understand your business cash flow and analyze your customers based on the payment trend, thereby allowing you to exert greater control over a more transparent supply chain.