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5 Factors To Consider In Cold Chain Storage Facilites

Cold Chain Storage

Cold chain storage facilities are spaces used in the distribution supply chain by which temperature-sensitive items are kept within a cold temperature range. For example, vaccines, pharmaceuticals, yoghurts, meats, cheese, pastries, fish, medicines, blood and plasma cannot be exposed to unstable temperatures while distributing. The quality of the product will be irreparably affected which could have extremely damaging effects on health of people.

Perfect space to meet the refrigeration requirements

The first thing to do when designing a cold storage facility is to locate the perfect space. Proper refrigeration is crucial to the safety of your items. Because of the

differences in the needs of each item, there are multiple temperature requirements within a single storage facility. It is essential to determine the most efficient location of the utilities and rooms. You need to be satisfy the needs of each items and dictate the temperature settings within the facility based on similar temperatures or future planned uses of a room.

Projecting future changes

The needs of refrigeration change with market demands. When designing the cold chain storage facility, you need to incorporate flexibility into the mix. For example, if the initial design of a cooler or freezer-based products. Foreseeing changes that might happen in the future provides more flexibility in the event of future expansions. Further more, there are budget considerations that must be factored in when designing a cold chain storage facility. The design can get as complex as you want, which has been made possible with the vast technological advancement out there. All of these are aimed at improving efficiencies but they have cost implications. Here are some budget factors to consider.

Energy Efficiency

The cost of energy to run a cold chain storage facilities is an important factor to consider and can be devasting. You need to be able to make effective use of energy by all means possible. You can improve the efficiency of energy by including under-floor heating systems, consideration of adjacent room temperatures and Light-emitting diode (LED) lighting amongst others.

Electrical utilities

Loss of power in a cold chain storage facility is a very dangerous path to huge financial losses. To prevent this, you need to factor in the status of electrical utilities including operating voltages, reliability and redundancy of supply, standby generation and machine and electrical room locations that provide optimal utility distribution.

Electrical utilities

Thermal insulation and Roofing

You also need to install the appropriate insulted metal panels of appropriate thickness between rooms, underfloor insulation, underfloor heat walls and roof, low-temperature door systems and other related factors. It is vital to construct a barrier to the loss of energy. A properly designed barrier coupled with thermal envelope protects your facility. Roofing coated with a reflective white membrane can also reflect the sun’s rays for added energy efficiency.

All the mentioned factors are very crucial to the successful operation of a cold chain storage facility. You should seek out professional help when you need a cold chain storage facility. They will help you factor all important aspect and ensure the successful operation of the facility.